Don't let the Corona ruin your party! It's true, you cannot invite all the friends you would like to see at once, but you can celebrate with some delicious food


Choose the menu that best fit yours and your guests taste. We have prepared a few options for you: three with meat, two with fish and the three vegetarian.

Prices for a four-course menu for six people are between 15.5€ and 18.5€ per person.

And if you are in four or you like to add something else to the menu from our assortiment almost everything is possible! Get in touch with us!


Get to know Buonissimo dishes thanks to the promotional prices of the coming months!

You don't want to miss this opportunity! Each month we will tempt you with a slightly different menu!

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  • Our dishes are prepared as much as possible with locally produced ingredients that are in season and of organic origin. If we cannot find good quality ingredients for our dishes on the market, we will come back with an alternative proposal for the menu.