July is a special month for me: I was born on one of these lazy summer days in July a few years ago… So the fun things to do this month also include my celebration and my dinner party!

And with the summer in full swing there are endless possibilities and combinations for the menu!

I’d like to share one of my favourites with you. This can be made as finger food for a standing buffet or as dinner party dishes. If you want a dedicated dinner party and your own personal chef at home get in touch! You won’t regret it!



Carrot & sesame terrine 

Mussels gratin Gegratineerde Mosselen

Rosemary & lemon mini baguettes met pepperTe hummus

White Parmigiana (courgette and potatoes layered with parmesan cheese)

Texels lamb & courgette burgers with Sour cream & Sumac dip [an Ottolenghi recipe]

Green leaf & roasted beet salad

Summer Watermelon & cucumber salad


Tiramisu: the  classic

Coffee & amaretto cheesecake

Mini pavlova with crème légère and berries (a vegan version is also available)


Buon appetito!!! I am getting ready to celebrate!