Delicious Easter cakes

When I think about Easter I remember my great-aunty Tina. She often came to visit us for the Easter holidays together with her husband Attilio, a small man with little hair who wore glasses with tiny round metal frames. 

They lived in a village close to Naples and he was a pastry cook, who had moved to Naples from Turin in his youth . 

Their arrival at our place was usually a big event. They always brought “sfogliatelle fresche” the traditional Neapolitan puff pastry cakes filled with ricotta and candied fruit. But that was just the beginning…

God only knew what would have come out of my great-aunty’s bag - which in my fantasy was a kind of Mary Poppins bag: even a lamp would have fit in there!  But most of the time what she was getting out of her bag were ingredients: wheat grains and orange flower water, cinnamon and candied peel. Tina & Attilio brought almost all they needed to prepare Pastiera… 



Even though I wasn’t born in Naples eating Pastiera at Easter is almost embedded in my upbringing  thanks to Tina & Attilio. 


Over time and as I developed an adult taste for savoury delights I got intrigued by the Neapolitan Easter focaccia, Casatiello, rich in taste thanks to the Pecorino cheese and salami. And it was perfect to take on our Easter Monday field trip! 


Pastiera and Casatiello have been part of the Easter tradition in Campania since the XVII century.

The Easter Colomba cake, on the other hand doesn't have such an old history. It’s on Italian tables at Easter only since the second half of last century, and was originally put on the market by the same producers of Panettone. It wasn’t one of my favourites until I started making my own with sourdough and organic ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, candied orange peel, almonds and the best quality vanilla . It has a long rising process (12 plus 5 hours) and it’s so soft it can almost fly! 




If you'd like to give your Easter an Italian twist order on time your cake of choice:


Pastiera 25 Euro al Kg. (12 p.)

Colomba 0,500 gr. 12,5 Euro (8 p.)

Colomba 0.750 gr 18 Euro (10/12 p)

Casatiello 15 Euro al Kg (10 p.)