Buonissimo’s cakes and desserts are prepared from scratch with basic fresh ingredients. For this reason we ask you to place your dessert order 24 hours in advance. We choose for as many organic ingredients as possible and for natural coloring.


In our assortment there are traditional products of the Pasticceria Italiana as well as cakes from other lands' tradition: Tiramisu Classico, Tiramisu Limoncello, Neapolitan babà, Caprese, Savarin cake, Cassata Siciliana, Cannoli Siciliani, Meringue cake, Fruit Pavlova, Profiterol, Birthday cakes with theme decoration, Cheesecakes in different flavors, Mousse, cookies  and more.


Some desserts are also available for vegans.








Are you celebrating a special occasion and look for a special cake? We can develop a cake design for you. Get in touch!

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If you are interested in a party menù and would like a full quote for savoury and sweet fingerfood, please contact us. Chef at home service also possible



mini pavlova


And for the traditional festive time of the year we also have Italian special products such as

We pursue sustainability in many different ways: by choosing seasonal organic and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible; by avoiding products and ingredients produced using non-sustainable practices (whether in breeding animals, agriculture or fisheries, etc.) and by the optimisation of all the natural resources used in the food preparation and distribution.