‘Eat with moderation and variation what grows locally and in season’.


Buonissimo’s mission is to promote a food culture where taste, sustainability and good health meet.


As a caterer Buonissimo offers sustainable high quality food prepared using seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Italian culinary tradition with all its many regional varieties is the backbone of our catering: an endless source of inspiration to reinterpret local ingredients in the spirit of sustainability.

We also cater for specific dietary requirements (lactose and gluten intolerance, vegan or vegetarian diets, etc.).


We offer a variety of Courses & Workshops depending on your needs: do you need motivation or creativity to eat healthier? Do you want to learn new cooking skills? Or you’re looking for a fun activity to experience with your team? Come! With your kids to learn together, or with your colleagues for a team-building experience or, if you are an expat, join us to discover what you can do with the locally grown food varieties and what the locals eat.


My name is Patrizia, I am Italian and I love food.

I grew up in a typical Italian family. Food preparation and eating were very important moments in my daily family life: decisions were taken while eating, quarrels were sorted out over a good dinner, important life-changing gossip was shared while preparing food.  I was thrilled by all the mixing, chopping, transforming and more than anything else I was curious about every new flavour. Mum, who is from Umbria, set the pace in the kitchen and Dad, from Apulia, added the taste for the stronger spicy flavours of the south.


Many years ago I moved to the Netherlands to work in the communications field for an environmental organisation, and I grew to realise how what we eat impacts the environment. Since then I have taken special care in making sure that my passion for good food is sustainable for the environment, and the great thing I’ve discovered is that usually what is not good for our health is also not good for the planet.


Through the years I have learned a lot thanks to the Cordon Bleu  cooking classes in Rome and the master Bakers teaching at  TuChef Patisserie course.