Spring is just around the corner! If you sit in the sun with your eyes closed you can almost touch it! 


Nature is awakening and ready for that eternal ritual of renewal and rebirth which Spring has always symbolised since the beginning of time. 


Maybe you are thinking about a good Detox month and that means no party? Think again! 

Why not throw a meatless party? How about celebrating with a vegan bavarois? 


Give up the meat! Give up the dairy! Give up the calories! But don’t give up the quality and the taste!


Here is something to make your mouth water!


Carrot terrine  (Vegan)

Roasted red beet & goat cheese pâté 

Two-bean paté 

Sun-dried tomatoes Hummus 

Smoked mackerel paté


Fresh tagliatelle with walnuts and mushroom sauce

Roasted vegetable skewers 

Pizzette alle verdure - Mini pizzas with a filling of seasonal vegetables / ….with a seasonal vegetable filling

Caramelised onion & goat cheese tart


Chocolate mousse (Vegan)

Raspberry Bavarois (Vegan)