• Polenta crostini - crunchy oven-baked polenta wedges served with different sauces/vegetables (with or without meat/fish)
  • Farinata di ceci  - Genovese Chickpea Flatbread
  • Lasagnette - the finger food version of the traditional Italian dish
  • Beignet with savoury filling
  • Rosemary & Lemon Sourdough Focaccia
  • Sun-dried tomatoes & Oregano Sourdough Focaccia
  • Vegan & Vegetarian dips
  • Pizzette rosse - fingerfood pizza.
  • Handmade herby or spicy grissini (breadsticks)
  • A great assortment of quiches to suit all tastes, also available in petit fours size
  • Mini croissants with a savoury filling
  • Tasty salad baskets 
  • Hedgehog kebabs - a variety of cold or warm antipasto (appetizers) on skewers presented in the shape of hedgehogs


Some of these savoury dishes are also available for vegans


We pursue sustainability in many different ways: by choosing seasonal organic and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible; by avoiding products and ingredients produced using non-sustainable practices (whether in breeding animals, agriculture or fisheries, etc.) and by the optimisation of all the natural resources used in the food preparation and distribution.